Covid 19: Is it right time to take final decision on ERP

At this moment, business owners have ample time to invest in planning of their organisation’s growth. Decision of ERP implementation can be one of them.

We have seen that;this process takes too much of time (Pre-Sales demo to Go Live). A tentative estimation of time duration can be:

  1. Pre sales demo- One Day
  2. Discussion on “Gaps” found during Pre-Sales Demo. – 1-2 weeks
  3. Second Level Demo-2-3 Days
  4. Third and Final Level Demo 2-3 Days
  5. Quotation sharing-2-3 Days
  6. Discussion Meeting-1-One week
  7. Discussion Meeting -2- One Week
  8. Final Meeting – 2 Weeks
  9. Implementation Process to Go live- 3 months to 6 months.

In this process, multiple departments head (IT, Procurement, Production distribution etc.) has to be involve and spend pretty large amount of time during finalization of ERP. It disturbs their routine working tasks also which affect their performance.

Now, resources have comparatively more quality time to invest in various process to finalisation of ERP without disturbing their primary tasks.

It is good for business owners to invest time to choose right ERP Software application for their organisation and take it multiple level of business growth in coming years.

Note: Despite of all precautionary measure to avoid Corona, it is request to all save mantra in mind to stay home and stay safe for our self and our society also. 


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