ERP Software: How It Is Helping Businesses with Improved Management

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and ERP software is a business management software that offers complete solution to a company regarding its sales, marketing, inventory management, finance, planning, HR management and accounting. ERP is also popular as business process management since it integrates all the different departments of a company and serves their requirements. It is an interface where data is inserted, processed, managed and extracted through few clicks of mouse. ERP helps in standardizing a business process.

In a company an ERP can help addressing the following issues:

Better customer relationship management

Tackle internal inefficiency

Improve performance, productivity and thus profit

Identifying financial and planning deficiencies within an organization

Why ERPs are used

ERPs are used in an organization with certain aims which are as following:

Integration: It helps linking the different departments in an office and therefore, greatly reduces data management and storage costs. It also helps in making the data available and accessible online and so, whoever in need of extracting information can do so easily.

Cost advantages: It helps reducing the cost involved in managing large amount of paperwork. Streamline fund utilization and management. It makes accounting smart and stop fund misappropriation.

Improve accuracy: ERP can help reducing errors in data entry and management. If your company is plagued with inefficiency then what you probably need is an ERP to bring more order to the organization. ERP will ensure better management of resources and better work distribution.

Better management: Since ERP brings all information related to your company at your fingertips it ensures better management. It’ll give you an idea about how your planning is faring, if it needs improvement or moderation.

Employee management: ERP can help the HR manager in keeping tab with the employees. It can help the management in monitoring and gauging an employee’s performance and therefore, reduces your efforts at the time of performance review and increment.

Customer management: If you want to maintain a better relationship with your customers you can’t overlook the importance of ERP. It allows you to organize and access all your customer related information. You can now verify a customer’s credit score or monitor his buying behavior through your ERP.

Immerging trends in ERP: Since more and more companies are implementing ERP solutions for their businesses ERP software companies are coming up with tailored ERP solutions to suit their client’s business needs. Following are the few emerging trends in ERP solutions:

Demand for SaaS ERP is on a rise: As an emerging trend more and more companies are adopting SaaS ERP solutions for:

Faster implementation

On-demand scalability

Improved ROI

More dependency on expert solution: Companies have learned better not to experiment too much with DIY ERPs and hence, increasingly they’re depending on expertise offered by ERP software companies.Conscious decision: Companies have learned not to rush into implementing ERP but to analyze their requirements first. It’s been see that many of the ERP projects have failed since the companies haven’t analyzed their requirements properly. Please visit to my site for those who are interested the information regarding ERP system basic and its evolution as well as tips for finding right Best ERP Software in Delhi/NCR for small and midsize manufacturers.


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